Publisher - Steve Ferguson
The South Marysburgh Mirror
3032 County Road 10,
PO Box 64,
Milford, ON K0K 2P0

Telephone: 613.476.9104

ISSN 1181-6333
(Print Edition)
ISSN 2292-5708
(Online Edition)


The South Marysburgh Mirror is distributed at the beginning of every month to every household in South Marysburgh, and to service and retail outlets in Prince Edward County including all branches of the public library; the Black River Cheese Company; Hicks’ General Store and the post office in Milford; and Books and Co., Scott’s Store and Thorne’s Variety in Picton.

The on-line version of The South Marysburgh Mirror is identical to the black and white printed edition except the realities of the Internet allow it to include colour. Availability of The Mirror on-line allows seasonal residents to keep informed of local activities, and introduces South Marysburgh and Prince Edward County to a global audience. Since its introduction in 2011, the on-line version continues to attract more and more ‘unique’ and returning  visitors each month.

For information about advertising in The Mirror including current advertising rates, specifications and deadlines, please email or telephone 613.476.9104.

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