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The 2014 Election

The official results of the 2014 municipal election are available HERE.

Thank You

I am deeply appreciative that over 80% of South Marysburgh voters checked off the box next to my name on the municipal election ballot. Thank you all so much for the faith and trust you have placed in me.

The first order of business as councillor-elect was to re-beautify the ward by removing all my campaign signs; a task completed by 9:10 Tuesday morning and I think I retrieved all of them. If I missed one, please email or instant message and I’ll get it picked up.

The scene at the Wellington Arena watching the results come in on Monday night was a mixture of enthusiasm on the part of newly elected councillors and the new mayor, and one of resignation as some incumbents realized they would not be returning to Shire Hall and other candidates witnessed how they had fallen short. Although I didn’t see him last night, my opponent, Kyle Mayne, ran a passionate campaign and was always polite and professional whenever we met. I wish him and his wife, Kathleen, all the best. Thank you, Kyle, for throwing your hat into the ring.

I think there is a renewed spirit of optimism in Prince Edward County after this election. Voters seem to sense that they ‘got it right’ with their choices throughout the municipality and it is now our job as councillors and mayor to prove that they did. I’m looking forward to the challenge that effectively begins after a few days of orientation this month followed by the swearing-in on December 1st.       

Again, my sincere thanks for your support. I intend to retain the trust of those who voted for me and will work to earn the approval from those who didn’t.


Steve Ferguson